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Since 1997, Silicon Solar has been a family-run business delivering high-end and affordable solar solutions to more than 140,000 customers in more than 82 nations around the world. Our team of dedicated solar professionals are here to help you select the right solar product for your needs at competitive prices.

At Silicon Solar our mission is to Help build a sustainable future for the global economy, Offer world-class solar energy products, Pioneer the development and distribution of new solar energy technologies, and Provide a educational network for our customers.

Solar Panels, Modules & Complete Solar Systems. We carry a huge selection of the industry's best solar panels and solar modules. We also carry a wide variety of pre-packaged complete solar systems to help you get into solar energy easier than ever before.

Solar Panels, Modules & Chargers, Scrap & Commercial Photovoltaic Solar Cells. We carry all of the solar cells you will ever need to meet of any of your solar applications or goals. Whether you need broken solar cells for education and testing, or flawless commercial solar cells for solar panel construction.

Solar Panels, Modules & Chargers, Solar Lights - Garden Spot & Flood Lighting. Our entire selection of solar landscape lighting includes a variety of high-output solar garden lights, spot lights motion sensor lights and specialty lights with better components and performance than other solar lights.

Solar Panels, Modules & Chargers, Solar Sign Lights & Solar Billboard Lights. We offer a complete line of solar sign lights...perfect for all of your small, medium and large sign lighting applications including real estate solar sign lights, small & sized sign lights and solar billboard lights.

Solar Panels, Modules & Chargers, Solar Hot Water & Heating Systems. SunMaxx solar hot water systems from Silicon Solar feature all of SunMaxx's industry-leading solar thermal components and can save you 80%, or more, on your home hot water and heating bills.

Decorate your garden or patio with solar powered fountains with absolutely no energy cost or complex electrical connections. Silicon Solar is the leading manufacturer of consumer solar water fountain pumps.

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