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Pixmania-PRO is an online store, operated by the company Pixmania, based in Asnières-sur-Seine Cedex in France. The company was established back in 2004, and has since been offering 25,000+ products, servicing over 300,000 customers across Europe, mainly in 10 countries.

Most all electronics and accessory needs can be found at Pixmania-PRO from DSLR cameras, tablet computers, cordless phones, digital camcorders and accessories to toys for girls and boys. Other products they offer are small appliances for the home such as air conditioners, purifiers, and vacuum cleaners, as well as memory cards, camera lenses, mobile phones, televisions, electric razors, MP3 players, GPS navigation systems, car stereos, headphones, and so much more.

For all drop shipping inquiries and orders, customers may contact Pixmania-PRO via phone, email or fax. One may also open an account on their website to view wholesale prices. 

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