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Om Gallery is an American lighting and décor supplies wholesaler based in Santa Cruz in California, USA. The company was founded in April of 2001, and they have since been working with Asian family industries from all over the world, as well as support Cooperative Cottage Industries within developing countries. They have established a reputable name with over 11,000 followers on Facebook, attesting to their product quality and reliable customer service.

Some of the products that Om Gallery offers are Lotus lamps in different colors, floor lamps, table lamps, IQ lights, garden rock décor, flower string lights, wall scrolls, driftwood décor, wind chimes, paper star lanterns, hanging lamps, sky lanterns, garden fountains, garlands, and many more.

To apply for a wholesale account with Om Gallery and access their website, one must send them an email to to obtain a password. For other concerns, they may be contact via their general email or by phone, Mondays through Sundays between 10am and 9pm Pacific Time. 

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