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General Wax and Candle Making Company

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When we tell people that we design our own candle making equipment, people think in terms of simple candle molds, with someone pouring a pitcher of hot wax into it. Instead, think of a multi-processor central computer system, hooked to a fiber optic network, communicating with Pentium PC's, hooked to programmable logic controllers, robotic arms, heat sensors, color sensors, proximity sensors, air cylinders, pumps and the like. These systems are designed, built, installed, tested and maintained by our own staff of engineers.

Most other candle companies purchase their machines from outside vendors. Although we occasionally do that as well, manufacturing our own equipment has many benefits. We are able to produce candles that look significantly different than our competitors and many times produce candles with better burning and higher quality.

Our average employee has been with us for over 12 years. In many companies the average is close to two. This average tenure says a lot about the success of the company and the way it is managed.

Our production employees are candle artisans. They understand wax and candles in a way that can only come from many years of experience. For example, our tapers are veneered by hand. The candle artisan, who has to have a precise eye for color and coverage, controls the speed and temperature of the dipping. It looks real easy until you try it yourself.

Our well-trained order processing staff is ready to assist you. If you think candles are a simple commodity, keep in mind that we have over 3,700 active finished goods part numbers. Candles are used for a variety of purposes in a variety of settings. As one of the few full-line candle makers and distributors in the world, we have to have a well-rounded knowledge of all their uses.

We have engineers, chemists, accountants, computer programmers, shipping specialists, truck drivers, warehouse personnel, purchasing agents, and others, many of whom are at the highest levels of skill and ability in their respective fields.

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