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Fragrancenet is a New York based wholesale and online store that deals with Perfumes, Colognes, Skincare products, Make up products, Hair Care products, Aromatherapy, Candles and Gift sets. Fragrancenet sells their products on wholesale as well as dropship the same to customers. Fragrancenet claims to have a wide variety of branded Men's and women's perfumes & colognes and other allied products all priced at the lowest & competitive prices.

The website has a separate dropshipping section where resellers can register. Once resellers register with the online store they can carry out their business thru dropshipping. The store offers a wide selection of products for their dropshipping customers. Resellers once registered, will be able to know the range of these products.

The store runs Monday-Friday 9 – 5. The website provides the address, telephone numbers as well as the email form for all enquiries. Regsitered dropshipping members can avail the emailing facility for all dropshipping enquiries.

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