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Florida Incense

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At Florida Incense we offer you a lot of incense, burners, oils and fragrances that will make your life better. For drop shipping services, do not hesitate in contacting us! 

How do we make incense? While incense comes in all kinds of shapes & sizes, sticks, cones,  logs, coils, powders, wood chips,  resin drops, its most popular form is the stick or Agarbathi.Here is how it takes that form! A bamboo stick is evenly slit and cut to the right length and thickness. A fine paste of natural ingredients like aromatic roots, herbs, resins, gums and adhesives, including jigit powder is carefully prepared and gently rolled on to it. It is then left out in the sun to bake & dry for no less than three days. After this, it is sorted, bundled and packaged.

"Uncut" oils are strong, just the way the perfume manufacturing houses make them. They can be too strong smelling for body use or may burn the skin. It is recommended you "cut" them to wear directly on your skin. "Uncut" oils are used for making candles, soaps, lotions, all body and bath, and any other craft project that requires the "stronger" scent.

"Cut" oils are the "uncut" oil but dpg cutting oil has been added. We "cut" our oils by 1 time. You can add more dpg if you like. Cutting the oil is like diluting it's strength. Like adding water to frozen orange juice concentrate. Add as much as you like. Once the oil is cut, it is now safe for wearing on your skin without burning and the smell is weaker.

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