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Wholesaler of espresso machines

Among the home expresso machines that we offer are La Pavoni "Napolitana" w/grinder PA-1200, La Pavoni "Stradivari" 16 cup Professional, La Pavoni Display Base, LA PAVONI Professional 16 cup, La Pavoni "Stradivari" 16 cup Professional, La Pavoni Europiccola Chrome/Black, La Pavoni "Rapido" Pod Espresso Machine, La Pavoni "Stradivari" 8 Europiccola cup Wood Handles, La Pavoni Europiccola, Chrome, La Pavoni "Stradivari" Europiccola 8 cup, La Pavoni Chrome Romantica Professional, and La Pavoni Gran Caffe Pump Espresso Machine.

We also offer comercial machines! Check our or different models, such as Isomac KIA Commercial MachineLa Pavoni BAR 2L-R, 2 group lever, La Pavoni DIA 2L-R, 2 group lever, 4370W / 230V 14 liter boiler, Isomac MPI grinder, La Pavoni BAR -T 2V-B – 2 Group volumetric, La Pavoni DIA 3V-B, Isomac TEA Commercial Machine, La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-R 2 Group, La Pavoni DIA 3V-R, 3 group Volumetric, Isomac TEA PID Commercial machine, La Pavoni BAR-T 3V-R 3 Group, la Pavoni PUB 1V-R 1 Group,Volumetric, RedLa Pavoni PUB 2V-B, 2 Group volumetric, LA Pavoni "ZIP" Grinder Red Item ZIP-R, La Pavoni BAR T 2L-B, 2 Group lever, la Pavoni PUB 2V-R, 2 Group Volumetric, La Pavoni BAR 2L-B, 2 Group lever, La Pavoni BAR T 2L-R, 2 Group lever, La Pavoni "ZIP AUTO" Grinder, La Pavoni BAR 3L-B, 3 group lever, La Pavoni BAR T 3L-B, 3 Group lever, LA Pavoni "ZIP" Grinder Black Item ZIP-B, La Pavoni BAR 3L-R, 3 Group, lever, and La Pavoni BAR T 3L-R, 3 Group lever.

Know our Isomac products! Among them we have Isomac KIA Commercial Machine, Isomac TEA Commercial Machine, Isomac TEA PID Commercial machine, and Isomac MPI grinder.

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