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Dropshipping from Oregon.

DropshipDirect.com (DSDI™) is a wholesale supply chain distribution company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Prodwise, Inc. They offer services that include wholesale dropshipping fulfillment, third party logistics (3PL), and e-commerce market integration services. DSDI Inc. is based in Lincoln City, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest, and deals with products from five continents and partners with manufacturers, importers and artisans worldwide.

DSDI™ maintains inventory at multiple warehouse locations in the US as well as China. DSDI™ manages all their logistics and dropshipping distribution from over a 200,000 square feet combined space. They deal with gifts, collectibles, outdoor items, sporting goods, electronics, jewelry, arts and crafts, home décor, kitchecnware, and so much more. They cater to over 54,000 merchant buyers, are supplied by over 900 manufacturers, been in business for 11 years, and stock over 120,000 wholesale products.

Dealing with DropshipDirect.com is also a breeze as they do not charge any account or registration fees, no dropshipping handling fees, there is no minimum on order quantities, offer real-time inventory updates, and many other ways to support customers. 

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Automotive » Car Accessories Dropshippers

Automotive » Auto Care Products Dropshippers

Cameras » Digital Cameras

Cameras » Photographic Accessories

Candles & Incense

Clothing & Apparel

Clothing & Apparel » Men's Clothing Dropshippers

Computers & Laptops » Desktop Computer Dropshippers

Computers & Laptops » Laptop Dropshippers

Computers & Laptops » Tablet Computer Dropshippers

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Consumer Electronics » Television Dropshippers

Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories » Wholesale Dropshippers - Hand Bags

Fashion Accessories » Wholesale Dropshippers - Hats and Headwear

Furniture » Bedroom Furniture Dropshippers

Furniture » Dining Room Furniture Dropshippers

Furniture » Lounge Room Furniture Dropshippers

Furniture » Office Furniture Dropshippers

Furniture » Outdoor Furniture Dropshippers


Glassware » Kitchen Glassware Dropshippers

Glassware » Decorative Glassware Dropshippers

Health Products » Aromatherapy Products Dropshippers

Health Products » Health Foods Dropshippers


Homewares » Bathroomware Dropshippers

Homewares » Kitchenware Dropshippers

Homewares » Decor Supplies Dropshippers

Homewares » Cleaning Products Dropshippers

Homewares » Storage Solutions Dropshippers

Homewares » General Homewares Dropshipers


Leisure & Sporting » Sporting Equipment Dropshippers

Leisure & Sporting » Sports Measuring & Timing Equipment Dropshippers

Pet Supplies » Pet Enclosures

Pet Supplies » Pet Toys and Accessories

Security » Security Alarms

Security » Security Video Surveillance Equipment


Toys » Boys Toys

Toys » Girls Toys

Watches & Clocks » Men's Watches

Watches & Clocks » Women's Watches

Watches & Clocks » Unisex Watches

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